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to run the u.s. government. in this particular case it is energy secretary steven chew. i was there at the briefing that he gave today and he really went after the president. he said that he lacks the courage hearing lacks the guts to take the liberal side of the party and made h basic point that president obama would pursue and he does in his speech tonight, taxes on the rich, but unwilling to get tough on entitlements which, of course, is an anathema to the left wing of the party. >> while he has refused to agree to some to raise for example retirement for medicare but has agreed to reduce social security benefits by enacting a different method for cost of living increases. white house claims that he has put $1.4 trillion cuts on the table. republicans don't agree all of those are cuts. it counts is savings from ending the wars if iraq and afghanistan, but the president will contend tonight that the country is much further along toward dealing with its spending program, dealing with its deficit problem than republicans will accept. we'll hear a diffe version of that from
in our economy. one of the best ways to encourage growth is through our energy industry. of course, solar and wind should be part of the energy portfolio but god blessed america with abundance of coal and nap gas. instead of wasting more taxpayer money on clean energy companies, let's open up more federal lands for safe and responsible exploration. let's reform our energy regulations so they are reasonable and based on common sense. if we can grow our energy industry it will make us energy end. it will create middle-class jobs and help bring manufacturing back from places like china. simplifying our tax code will also help the middle-class because it will make it easier for small businesses to hire and grow. we agree with the president. we should lower our corporate tax rate which is one of the highest in the world so companies will bring money and jobs back here from overseas. we can also help grow our economy if we have a legal immigration system that allows to us assimilate the best and brightest. we need a responsible perment solution for those that are here illegally but first we mus
& move over coffee and tea. ápeesiá ii brewingga new morning pick-me-up that's energy drinkk what's innit that makes it a cut above the rest. 3 3 morrnnggpick mm up and don't like coffee or tea tthre's another oppion o chose from.. 3 pepsi has a new breakfasstdrink to perk you up. it's cclled "kick startt aaddit'll be on sheeves made f mountain dew, juice, vitamins b and c and a jolt of caffeine. bbt unlike any other drink.... pepsi's not calllig "kick start" an - energy drink. 3 - react to story 3 - adlib toss to vytaa... &pcould ou uue n extta hunddee dollaas?it's all part of our "ffeeeruary" contest on fox45 -3 morning nnws.we'reedrawing a 100-ddllar winner every hour.. duriig fox45 morning enter o to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore and click watch fox45 orring news & sttrting at 5 aam to see if pouure a winner. & p33 tax breeks to take advvntage at 5:30...whayyyyu can purchase and avoid mmryland's 6- percent saaes tax. 3 there's new evidence of a &&ppossible link betwwen
traditional lig bulbs actually generate 9 times more heat than light. switch to energy-saving bulbs. saving energy saves you money. 3 &p3 anne arundel county has lesss than a onth.. to choose itt replacement for couuty executive joh leopold.the &pin thh position. we're ff to a wet start this - long the rain will affect your morning commutee 3 and... single on valentine's day?ttreeethings -3 you caa o... to survive the holiday. 3 p3 3 monnay, february 11th. & 3 - 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 & anne rundel leopold... ho replacc john get a new leader... county will soon anne rundel cunty will soon get a new leader... ssmeone to - reelace john leoppld... who reesgned as county executive after being convicted of piiconduct. 3 the couuty council has less than 30 days to elect a first lady... sayy she wants & the job. jjbbkendel ehrlich is o straager to politics... aad now hh's orking on a campaign of her own.lobbying suppoot among council members... whom she hopes will pelecc her to filllthe now vacant seaa of anne arund
energy s giving its drink company says its changing the & pabbling on its cans... so that its energy drinks will no -llnger be considered dietary upplements.the mmve is parr of a new federallguideline. & 33& baas of aby spinach are being recaaled today... because of risk it may be contaminated with e-coli.the spinach was sold in everal ssttes... under 55different labels: "central maakee organicc"... pfull 3 circle orrgnic"... "simppe truth organic"... "markktside orrgnic"... and "ttylor farms -3 ooganic."the ccmpany says no pllnessse haae been reportedd 3 it's not just about the cookies anymooe. the girl scouts of america are making 3 your avorite box... and to let you know wwy this annual - event helps girls row into proouutive young women. 3 stacey ccoan is live in wwssingtoo this morning... with the ddlicious details. 3 good mmrning, tacey. --stacey n camera-- ttin mints -- ssmoas -- do-si-does -- haae all 3become enttenched parts oo pop culture. but do you know ow that box of cookiessis helping to build a better future for young omen? --vo-- h
....23:08:28 takes a lot of energy... praayr ncouragement and suppprtvanessa shuus any & praiss directed at her... do it... not for reccgnition :188if i just gg thru life and ddottissi 3 could be happy... but those cheerleaderr...23:14:21 i think its greet i think she shouldve been got.. shee shoulde been honored... i phink itssgreaa... 16:16 sse - def ddserves it if there was onn person inntheeworld that i ms williams... as forr er kind of extensiuon of ooe to pann dr king was able toogive ms wiliams has that spirit also 23::6:03 i doint think ind bee theesame wwthout hhr, i know mine wooldnt be... the same if &pi didnt meet her... 23:05533 in times liek this we need ot another... my older girls my younger girls they nee ddo see that hey ms williims willlbe tthere... and i willl.. 3 -3 33&pwe will conninue to hhghliiht chhmpions of courage &pthroughouttthe rest of tte month. see all of the honoree's who are making a difference hhad to fox baltimore dot com and look for - champions of courage. p3 coming up n our 66o'clock hourr.. we're giv
with issues liie clean energy. the main thrust of the speech will beeon so-called "pocketbook" issuee -- pighlighting a ix of old and &pnew policies aimed at helping tte ow effeetive will the president's message be in persuading republicans oo capitol hill? the speechhis just one moment in a continuum. you have a president whoowaats o avvea debate abouu immigration, he wants to have aadebate about guns, he is clearly akinggus towards a debate aaouttclimate and energy. and a republican partt that reaalyy ants to possible to the federal jonns, nn washington. up...we are continuing to pollow breeking news into ourr pewsroom... pope benedict the 166h will resign as pppe... at the end of this month.what sudden deccsion... nnxt. - you're watchhnngfox 45 morning porniig. you're watchhnngfox 45 morning porniig. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's v
... specificlally ones that are energy star products.starting -- after midniggt on february 16tt... qualifyinggenergy star prooucts wiil be exempt from marrland'sssix perccnt sales -& tax.tte move is aimed at helping the economy and the 3 339:20-39:42"is it worth it............... thee're the relief."the tax exemption 3ends at idnight n monnay, february 18th. &p3 how are the roods lloking tonight? tonighttbrandi proctorr hass our traffic edge report. -3 report. 3 map greenspringlibertybat natl pike shawan 3 395 p3 he... 3 niiersitt of & maryland... ii... once again ranked... as onn of the top party schools... in but.... don't be fooled... byy headliness...// & 3 "sounds of the vault/etc" paalt/ett" maaylaad's gymkana -3 team started in the 1940's... in college parr .... and performee everywwere... ffom hhlffime showw, ...// all ...ssunts... and athletic feats are performed by ccrrent 3 drug, alcohol and tobacco free..../// thee.. - group... added....some events... like theseea
turbbnes....ff the atlantic coast."sootthy an have good, clean, renewable -3 energy.""climate change s real."gooernoo o'maaley tells members of a enate committee...offshore ccucial toward bbossing... renewable eneegg goals..(governor) and every megawatt hour of wind that we &pgenerate here n maryland is a megawatt hour we do not generaae from imported fossil turbinns...aae up and running...utility ratepayers...will have to shell average off1.50 p onth...forrat least...20 &pyears. (pipkin) "wwo's goingg po pay to et it rom out in the ocean onno the oaatline all of us are gging to do - thatt.((yddll) ""enatt president mmke miller ctually --3 aatended ttday's rally n behalf of ind power and he's &pmambers of the finance committee hearing the bill - which virtually guarannees 3 the full the state house, john rydell, fox45 newss at ive." christians around wwrld are attending hurchhto mark ashhwednesday. wednesday. 3 nats---here in baltimore... a mid-day mass was held aa st. 3wednesddy marks the beginniig of lent...40
.that'ssmmuh lees than an energy drink... or a cup of offee. mountain dew kickstart is set to hit &stores febrrary 25th. 3 toddy is fat tuesday and you know what that means. it's tte start of mardi gras. at tueeday is tradittonal cellbrated on tte & daa before ash wednesday .... which marks the beginning of christiinn. p3 commng up... we've got your chance to win 200-dolllrs are part of oor "freebruary" contest. 3 just enter your name by going to facebbok dot com sllsh foo baltimorr..hee listen n for your name... less than 15 minutes from now..- 3&pshe was crring anddstuff and said theyyhhve no powee,,they &phave no running water, they have no way to se thh bathroom. bathhoom. and latee... a - nightmare vacation for thousaads of cruise ship passsngers.the malfunction... local.. all morning. 3 ((breek 3)) this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) bu
noow> & 3 those wissing to ffle tax forms for residential energy credits and general business crridts... muss wait a little longer. the i-r-s has not announced when it'lllbegin processing thhse forms. 3 tomorrow, climate change -3 ppooesters will ggther in washington d.c. to rally aganist a proposed oil pipeline through ameriia'ss heartland.organizers aim to keystone x-l oil pipellne from 3& propooents bblieve it wiil createethousands of jobs and towaad eneegy indeppndencee & kristine frazao breaks down the pipellne at thh hhart of -3 tte contrrvvrsyy 3theetar sands ii oil rich allerta, canadd is either a environmental disaaser in &pwaating to the liies his world hass everrseen.[michael marx ]in 16:49 "ttat decision leads us off a climate cliff aad that cliff is goong o bee - tt be hugely dangerouss"trt=:08 [pipeeine layering ovvr "117,00o jobs"]kill the trans canaddan pipeline, and proponents say nearly 20 thoosand new u-s jobs will go &down theetubes along with the uniied states..[take sot chrissopher prandoni] in 32:15 "this issnot som
during a lavish televisiin - wedding in two thousand and & 3 it could be the ultiiate in creative energy! in &pjannary---nnarly 70 aatists from more thhn 20 cities committed to creating project a day---with artwork paanting. theeannual "fun -a- day" eveet is all about promoting fun and 3 3 amber miller is live from tte "d" center in dowwtton -3 bbltimore here the city's - work is on display. 3 thh gallery is 3 open frrm 12 to 5 today ii & 3 coming uu.... 3 a marrland designer... becomes a nntiooal hangbag pensatioo.the surprising place designs..- yyu're watching 3 you're watching 3 fox45 morning news... all local.. aal morning. 3((break 5)) ,3&pcauses a mmssive pile up in - pichiian.crushed cars littered thh higway outsiie detroit saturday afterroon.this was &paccidents in he aaeaa 3 ááadlib chatáá 3 ((aa lib meteorologgst)) 3 coming up... 33 if you onny uy ne purse.... - make ittthis one.the one 3 you're waaching fox45 mooning news... all local... alll 3 3 3 3 ((bbmp in)))- 3 coming up... ,3& the wind is about to makee everythhng feel a lot colder
today, governor o'malley plans to testiff before a &pan offshore winn energy bill ....the panel has twice failed to pass. the bill would offshoreerenewable nergy credits. and it would prooide innentives or developers ttat could increase rrsiddntiall plectricity bblls dollaa fifty... a month if an offshore wind farm is builtt takinn folic acid before pregnancy, and through thh first severallweeks of pregnancc, may heep reduce the risk of autism in chillren. that's according to a new study,the study iistte largestt to date on tte benefits of folic acidd or autism arks one of tte first concrete things a woman pan do to reduce her risk of giving birth to a child with the disorder. - 3 3 haven't gotten your sweetii a worry pa seven has all off your vallntine's day needs taken carr of.emily gracey joins us for this mornings hometown hottpot.- tell us about the services your spaa offers.- what should we -3 consider before getting a massage?? an wee till bookkpackage? package?aahieve excellence, body and mmnd for -&pvalenti
. 3 3 those wishing to file tax forms for residential energy credits and general business crridts... must wait a little longer. the i-r-s has not annouuced when it will begin processiig those forms. 3 most ggrls dreammof their -& wedding day... but typicaaly cringe attthe thought of &ppaaing for ittone organiiation - is doing itt best to help - brides chip away at their bottom line... all whiie supporting aaworthy cause. cause. amber miiler is streeming now from the sheraton hooel in downtown baltimore... giving us a preview of the brides agaiist breasttcancer tour. 3 show times are this afternoon 3 from 0 too5, and ickets are 5 ddllars per person.mariaane? 3 3 p3 3 season thrre of the hit p-b-s show ownton abbey wrras up tooorrow nightt the period drama prrvides its viewers with an armchaar travee experrence to he english countryside. this morninggelizabeth prann explains how you can visit thh now-famous castle... where the serres is filmed. filmed. 3p mllioos tuneein to see theeeleggnt drama on 'downton -a
nowá shave dollars off yyur energy &'re watching fox 45 - morring. & 3& "there's teachers wwlking 3 bandageda nasty fights breaks out in a minnesota higg school! haapened riggt before the huge pelee broke out! p3&pso far,,so good....- pood...and heenasty name this t-v meterologist blurted out mistakee.while giving 33 3 3 friddy, february 3 155 3 3 3 3 3 baltimore residdnts ppy a painfully highh roperty tax... 3& mayor now wants to charge a -3& fee for trash pick--p. joel d. smiih is live ii nooth baltimore with reactionntoothe idea, ann to eeplain what the - maaor hhpes the idee wiil -accomplish. good morning guys..... moss people look at this and - just ttink trash... now the mayor is asking ... hhw much - is this worth? the mayor ffoated the idea earlier this week during her state of the city ddress . itts a proposal ttat is stunning many citt residents, but might nonntheless.. up ntil noww trash like this has been 3 of the services providee by & the city, lke snow removal and fixing pottholes. ut now the may
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15